About Us

The Anti-Violence Coalition (AVC) was created for public education and advocacy for victims of violence. The committee is made of service providers within Leeds and Grenville.

Our Role in the Anti-Violence Coalition

  • Facilitate a responsive and coordinated system of local support through enhanced collaboration at the community level that maximizes the capacity of service providers to respond to victim need and improve access to an integrated service delivery system.
  • Develop a plan for prevention, education and training to help raise awareness of the issues of violence, the resources and services available in the community and enhancing the service system knowledge base.
  • Advocate for appropriate services where gaps exist or services are inadequate.

Review, write and submit grant applications as applicable and oversee the implementation of said programs.


Anti-Violence Coalition members will work within agency standards, policies and procedures of their governing bodies. The membership includes but is not limited to representatives from the following agencies:

Responsibilities of Committee Members

  • Exchange information and perspectives from their respective organization with the members at the table. Consumers provide input.
  • Provide information received at the table to the home agency coworkers to enhance information sharing and improved service delivery to clients.
  • Take follow up action on projects as agreed to by the committee.
  • Engage in inter-agency problem-solving in order to meet the goals.

Identification of gaps in service should be undertaken with the view to assist partner organizations to address the gaps or to collaborate on ways to advocate with the government / ministries for creative means of addressing the gaps.

Terms and Quorums:

  • Participants are expected to serve on the committee for 24 months
  • A chairperson / co-chair will be elected annually for a two year term at the September meeting
  • A recording secretary will be elected annually for a 12 month term at the September meeting
  • Decisions will be made based on the majority of the Committee

Committee Organization and Reporting

  • The Anti-Violence Coalition currently receives annualized funding to support initiatives related to ending violence against women. MCSS-funded agencies from the VAW sector (sponsor agencies) that are member agencies of the Anti-Violence Coalition will be responsible for the management of funds and reporting to regional offices on outcomes and the status of the funding
  • The Committee, through the committee chair and co-chair remains accountable for the performance and activities of the committee including funding outcomes achieved. It is the responsibility of the chair and co-chair to report to the MCSS as required. This includes preparing and submitting work plans and the accompanying financial documents required as part of the contract with MCSS.
  • In addition, the chair and co-chair or designates are responsible for the supervision of independent contractors hired to support the work of the Committee.

Meeting Structure

The minutes will be recorded by a designated recording secretary, who will then provide an electronic copy of the minutes to the committee for review and consideration prior to the next scheduled meeting. The coordinator will also circulate an agenda for the next meeting prior to the meeting date. The meeting will follow Robert’s Rules of Order and will be held quarterly, with a minimum of 4 meetings per year. The chairperson may call additional meetings as necessary. The chairperson will preside over the meetings and if the chair person is unable to attend a meeting the members present at the meeting will select a chair.